Roadhouse Grill




Roadhouse Grill is the biggest BBQ restaurant chain in Italy. Together with a new revamped website and digital brand identity, we designed and developed the digital platform to support their new take away feature. 


Market and User research
Touch-points & Service design


The main challenge of the project was the take away experience: quick user flow, simple interface, fully responsive. We benchmarked many international websites and the best take away apps on the market.

We conducted our User Analysis through stakeholders interviews and on-site observation in order to understand the typical customer behaviour. We then analyzed every touchpoint and designed the experience considering webservices, cash machine system, and on-site modus operandi.


We developed every step in order to fit the journey in the safest, easiest and quickest way for the user while addressing issues like item availability, kitchen production capacity on different time slots, delays and geo-localization.



User Experience


The information architecture was very simple and the website was divided in brand pages (landing page, menu, experience) and services (club, store locator, take away). 


From a UI standing point the challenge was to deal with a complex menu with a large amount of items, possible combinations and up-selling features. We designed a clean interface and minimized the clutter on every screen size.


We used App inspired User Interface elements like large buttons, fixed header and cart icon, clear steps indication and clear typography. 


In order to minimize the pogo stick effect the menu was kept in one page and the user can explore the main categories by expanding visual drop-downs. 

The product page shows preferences and up-selling items, the confirmation button becomes active only when the manadatory choices are taken 

Back on the menu page the user can see the preview of the chosen item with specifications and directly remove or edit the choice. 

The whole experience of menu navigation and product addition and customization is given in 2 layouts with no information overload and preserving reasonable page length. 


Finally the look and feel is targeted to a wide client segment and shows a double pairing: Red / Black / images and Plain white space for written sections, chunky buttons and an elegant typography with Merriweather for titles and body and Open Sans for secondary menus and buttons. 


Apart from the service features, the branding / marketing area of the website was kept simple.

Anyway one of the main concern of the stakeholders was the detachment between the brand and customers of the old digital language. One of the step we took to reach a more empathic communication was introducing the “experience" section, focused on the actual physical experience in the restaurants in order to highlight both the interior architecture and the warm, human side of the the people and the environment.


I presented works and prototypes to stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle and defined the product timeline with project manager and CTO in order to prioritise and negotiate features for launch and beyond. 

Agency : LIFE 

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