In order to relaunch the historical fashion and lifestyle magazine Grazia, Mondadori started from the digital.

In collaboration with Macs Iotti and Tamu McPherson we repositioned the brand, redesigning the identity, the website and developing a hugely SUCCESSFUL social media project.


Research, strategy, product definition

The goal was to create a contemporary webmagazine, mirror of the new Italian lifestyle, preserving the heritage of the brand and projecting it in the digital landscape.

We started by working on a benchmark of the current trends in the fashion news market among the target: it was clear that the emerging traits were the maturity of the blogging form and the rising use of social media, this led us to a more personal, more spontaneous and less institutional approach.  


following the guidelines for our communication strategy the webmag had to

- work with young collaborators vital part of the Italian fashion environment
- use a direct narrative both visually and content wise, close to the blog form
- content had to be strongly focused on people, talents and events stories
- be integrated with the social media


Design & Art Direction

Together with the design team we developed the whole Experience tracing user personas, information architecture and user interface.


We experimented with different layouts inspired by the blog logic.


Finally we decided for a very tablet targeted layout with an unusual left column and a huge slideshow that functioned as a real print magazine cover.


We developed a clean Art Direction, light and strongly image based. Visual UI components were strictly black and white and the typography was both classic and legible with a serif Georgia for the body and titles, and modern with the use of the Futura derived Brand Grotesque for the secondary menu buttons, in order to elevate the tone.


After the first rendition we conducted a series of focus groups and moderated in-person usability testing, clicking testing and heuristic evaluation.

As always, I defined the product timeline with the project manager, CTO and stakeholders in order to prioritise and negotiate features for launch and beyond.

We set up the tone of voice, the content and social media guidelines as a reference manual for the content creators and we supported the editorial team for the first period. We chose and worked with musicians, filmmakers, photographers and illustrators mentoring the artists in the creation of videos, sound design and photographic content.


Digital Branding

The identity of the whole project focused on the "IT" concept: both as a reminder of the new acquired domain of Grazia.it and the trendsetting agenda the magazine wanted to trace: the IT girls, the IT events, the IT places, etc.

We also worked on the handwriting and calligraphy together with Mondadori internal Art Directors.


The project had a strong art direction part for which we developed the tone of voice, the content and social media guidelines. 

We chose and worked with musicians, filmmakers, photographers and illustrators mentoring the artists in the creation of videos, sound design and photographic content.


Graziana was a fictional character developed by S.C. Artroom. Supposed to function as a host of the website, wearing current fashion collections (here in Prada and Jilsander) and giving style advices. Never fully developed


It Girls — The first and most successful Instagram testimonials project in Italy so far.

Highlight of the job was the It Girls project,

We selected a few girls that embodied a different angle of the life of a stylish Italian contemporary young woman. We set them up with a branded iPhone, Instagram account and let them free to take pictures of their life on a daily basis. Their original content was then automatically embedded in realtime on the Grazia.it website. 

That never ending flux of images is the visual story of the Italian lifestyle as it is happening right now through the eyes of the ones who shape it.



The project had an immediate huge impact on the Italian fashion scene and became a unexpected source of revenue for the magazine.

That started managing the It Girls requested at events as well as for editorial and commercial projects. 

The Outcome

Some girls reached a huge amount of followers (up and over 300k) and as planned the selection kept changing during the time leaving space for new faces. 

The It girls are still the most requested testimonials by fashion brands on the Italian fashion environment and have revitalised the Grazia brand awareness, providing a huge quality exposure both in terms of quantity and perception. 

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