In 2016 I started a collaboration with the historical milanese company, aimed to reposition the tailoring brand in the digital landscape. 

I work side by side with the brand Creative Director Davide Marello.



We started working on the digital identity, translating the brand values in a clear digital value proposition, selecting themes, tone of voice and defining social media guidelines.


Fashion Show


Although still in the first steps of the collaboration we already had the chance to practice the new course during the Show, the first at the Milan Fashion Week in the history of the brand.


We started from the offline, finding a perfect fit in the music selection and design by Studio JEAN for the show itself, for which we set the mood and references. 

I supervised the digital media content production, choosing the mood photography of Piotr Niepsuj and managing the video cuts for the Instagram and Facebook videos by 4Friends.

For the day of the show we set up a Live Streaming of the Backstage on Periscope made of two different moments.


For the show itself, at the end of December 2015, Facebook released the Live Video for verified pages so we immediately took advantage of the new feature and made the first Fashion Show ever truly on Facebook: in-app and with live notification to the fans.


The whole show project had an immediate huge impact on the social media and resulted in a +24% of increased on the total followers on Instagram in the following week. 


This is an ongoing project, it'll be updated over the time when new milestones will be reached.